A'alaa AlMajnouni

A Nation of Me

‘Thus Thou Must Do, If Thou Have it’



since now i got a free blog, and since it was a postponed dream of mine to create my own personal Lacrimosac website, and since i am to lazy to record ‘Me’ among the lines of history. I feel now am on the edge of a euphoric explosion! For Now i Got it and Now i Go for it!

In Short,

This is A’alaa MJ,

A Metallic 23 Leo and a post-graduate of English Occidentalism and Literature-at IMBSIU.  I live in Arriyadh SA, yet i never meant to belong to any nation, for i am a nation of myself.  i reached two diverged stages of my life realization; as a believer and a disbeliever.  and since ‘only believers can disbelieve’ i find myself now into a monochromatic oblivion, life becomes pointless to me, and the humanity is a vague term to me if not to extension.  feeling the urge to live only to die and absurdly dying to live but through history makes me eager to seek a mental immortality  before the farewell curtains shut on the lugubrious Me. i am to make  a move to expose ‘us’ me and my alter ego. and however i got a philosophical mind and a pure intellectualist motivation to do so.

Enjoy it before u loose it, and put in mind never to try to fix what life already had ruined.


A’alaa MJ

  1. WOwwwwwwww I so love this about you ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I love the new look. I was going to choose the same layout, lucky I passed you buy. How emberresing would we feel!! like showing up to a party in the same dress ;p

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